Welcome to Wasatch Warre

I have set this blog up to document my experience in learning about beekeeping. My goal before embarking on this journey was to learn everything I could about beekeeping and to learn about sustainable methods to beekeeping. I found there was very little in the way of ‘natural beekeeping’ other than a few books at the library. After extensive internet searching, I have come across a few gems of knowledge on the subject which lead me to full conversion of the Warre methods of beekeeping. My goal is to pass on what I have learned, to introduce the Warre method here in Utah, and to document my progress in building hives, getting bees, and becoming a bona fide beekeeper!


About wasatchwarre

Iconoclast... liberal Utahn who likes guns, lived in Japan for 5 years, works in HR, and dreams of homesteading some day.
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