High Fructose Corn Syrup… and you thought you were eating honey!

The mega agribusiness that is killing family farms, taking over seed stock, and providing us with foods that are devoid of nutrition have successfully broken into the beekeeping business. Fewer and fewer commercial beekeepers are able to make a living because of the mega-commercial beekeepers. These businesses own over 2,000 hives in many cases and see the bees as just a money-making tool. CCD has been big news over the last few years and many scientists are still trying to find out the cause. It seems there is no silver bullet, but a myriad of problems that are affecting the bees. Most of the evidence does lead to the collapse being attributed to man-made factors. One of the more disturbing factors is what commercial beekeepers are feeding their bees. We know the dangers of high fructose corn syrup in humans, and while I am not scientist, I don’t think it is a far cry to assume that HFCS is harmful to bees. Scientific American article


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2 Responses to High Fructose Corn Syrup… and you thought you were eating honey!

  1. Roger Starkey says:

    HFCS is simply toxic, and it’s no surprise that is messes up bees like it does people. I’ve been on the lookout for it for some time, particularly in regards to its reactions with cytochrome p450 substrates and pharmaceuticals:


    There is a growing body of literature dealing with iatrogenic metabolic syndrome associated with the use of agents on the list in the above link. If bees are being fed HFCS and dying out at a fast pace, I would tend to see that as a mirror of the same in humans. Messing with cytochrome p450 isn’t really a good idea, in some people it triggers a craving for carbohydrates, and in our society, HFCS is likely the biggest and cheapest source of them. “”Like bees to honey” is more than appropriate here, and HFCS (of course pushed by the same bio/agro/pharma businesses that make/run anything for human or animal consumption) ought to be the next target of a “War on…(something)” delivered up to us by our Masters.

    But…that won’t happen…too much money being made.

    • wasatchwarre says:

      Thanks for the post Roger. As you can see, it is slow moving here on my blog but I plan on making this a thorough resource for all things related to the honeybee.

      Are you a beekeeper?

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