Delon Frames

I have probably spent way too much time determining the right type of frame to use in my newly made Warre hives. There are several good websites in French that describe different styles of frames and the site lists different dimensions of hives and their corresponding frame dimensions here. Warre himself describes the use of frames in the 5th addition of “Beekeeping for all”.

Over time, I came to realize that the easiest way to make a proper frame with limited woodworking skills is to work with 1/8 steel rod. The top bar is the same dimensions but you then bend steel rod to form the sides and the bottom of the frame. For more information about frames using steel rods, check out the PDF of Roger Delon’s “Stable-Climate-Hive”.


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Iconoclast... liberal Utahn who likes guns, lived in Japan for 5 years, works in HR, and dreams of homesteading some day.
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