Varroa Floor Sump Box

I have finished the hive floor which deviates from the standard Warre floor design.  I had little to go on other than a couple of sketchups and some pictures.  Over the course of building the floor, I made some of my own modifications.  The dimensions are:

Box:  (2) 300mm x 110mm (2) 337mm x 110mm.  I found these dimensions to work perfectly with 19mm thick lumber which is readily available in my neck of the woods

Floor:  337 x 337 mm recycled plywood

On the 300mm pieces, I cut 1/2 grooves about 25mm down along the entire length of the piece.  I used these grooves as runners for the screened tray.

On the 337mm pieces, I ripped one piece  at 25 mm which allows for a back bracket to be nailed in.  The larger piece can then be removed to clean out the tray and floor.  I used a thin piece of hardboard placed at the bottom to collect mites and debris.

I used a router on the other piece to cut a 120mm x 20mm entrance.

Instead of 100mm for the height, I chose 110mm which is a little higher, but it allowed me to cut a 120mm x 20mm entrance (front side) and still gave me space to place the tray while still allowing for some support on the back side.

The screen is #8 hardware cloth which prevents the bees from getting below the tray.  I have posted pictures which can be seen here


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Iconoclast... liberal Utahn who likes guns, lived in Japan for 5 years, works in HR, and dreams of homesteading some day.
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