2nd package arrived – Carnolians

We picked up a our second package of bees today or so we thought. The package actually turned out to be a nuc. The seller said it would be good to keep it as a nuc without transferring the bees for at least one more week to allow the brood to hatch so we can have a larger number of bees overall. I had read on the natural beekeeping forum that we can transfer the nuc into the warre using the following method:

1) Have two Warre boxes, a feeder box, and another box on the top that will accept the brood comb
2) Find and capture the queen in a small box
3) Remove frames from the nuc and brush the bees into the new hive
4) Use a towel or sheet as a ramp up to the entrance of the hive and shake the remaining bees out of the box and off the frames. Make sure there are NO bees on the frames and put them back in the nuc and put the lid on.
5) Once most of the bees have climbed the ramp and are in the new hive, release the queen through the entrance of the hive.
6) Take the Langstroth frames and cut them in half so they will fit into the top Warre box. You must also cut the height of the frame down to 205mm to allow them to fit.
7) Place the cut frames upside down into the top box of the Warre hive. Apparently, by placing the frames upside down, it will deter the queen from laying eggs.
8) After one week, open the top box, remove the comb, remove the box, and close up the hive.

It has been two days since we moved the nuc into the Warre hive using this method. The bees are not drawing out comb in the lower boxes though and have congregated in the top box with the brood. We will wait a week to see what transpires. Ultimately, a package of bees is much easier to install than a Langstroth nuc because the dimensions of the frames are different.


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1 Response to 2nd package arrived – Carnolians

  1. Christy Hemenway says:

    Wow. This is such a process to go through… I see the date of this post was in 2010… How did it work out?

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