Beekeeping suppliers

Out of the many beekeeping suppliers out there, I have found Mann Lake the most reasonable in terms of price, but I had no idea what kind of quality I would be getting when I placed my order. I did an extensive price comparison of the big suppliers out there and I also compared local suppliers. What separates Mann Lake from the rest of the pack is free shipping! When you are shipping 60lbs to 90lbs for beehive supplies, the shipping really adds up. With Mann Lake, the price you see is the price you pay. I thought maybe they would just add the shipping costs to the products, but after comparing, I found their product price much less expensive as well.

My all medium super, 8 frame hive supplies arrived today. There are a few chips in the supers, but for the most part, all cuts are clean. The wood used looks like a ponderosa pine, which is superior to the Eastern pine or Southern pine in my opinion. I bought commercial grade supers and I was quite surprised at the quality Mann Lake provided. Many of the supers would pass select grade. The boards that did have knots were very small and tight.

I will be putting them together in early February and will document the process. I know this is a plug for Mann Lake, but the quality is good and you can’t beat their prices with free shipping!

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2 Responses to Beekeeping suppliers

  1. MelissaM says:

    What have you found with the 8 frame hives? I am in Tooele county and do not know anyone who trying 8 frame medium supers. 9 frames in a 10 frame deep hive is common. I would love you experiences and or resources of others particularly overwintering.

    • wasatchwarre says:

      I have found that 8 frames, all medium boxes, is the way to go for me. I can move frames around (like adding honey frames to brood boxes) to any box and I get just as much honey in 8 frames as I did in 10 frames.

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