An end to Warre Beekeeping? Well, kind of…

Let me explain. I have a deep respect for Dr. David Heaf, who brought to light the Warre beekeeping concept to the English speaking world. He did the translation work of Warre’s book and I have had the privilege of exchanging correspondence with him. I spent a great deal of time making my Warre hives, but in the end, I realized that I could achieve similar results by using all 8 frame mediums. Since I switched to this system, I have found it to roughly follow the principles laid out by Warre.

Now that beekeeping supply stories like Mann Lake are carrying 8 frame equipment at reasonable prices, it is my opinion that those looking into alternative beekeeping practices will find a compromise between a Warre system and 10 frame Langstroth hive.

My two hives made it through the winter and I was able to produce a decent sized honey crop this last summer. It is too early to tell if my girls will survive this winter, but as of yesterday, they were still buzzing when I did the ‘knock’ on the hive.

I will try and update this blog more often now that I see many people responding to my beekeeping thoughts.


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Iconoclast... liberal Utahn who likes guns, lived in Japan for 5 years, works in HR, and dreams of homesteading some day.
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