DIY Beehive Plans

Build medium supers! The example is 10 frame, but they have 8 frame dimensions

These are the Plans I used to make my Warre hives:

    Warre Hive Plans
    Plans for Warre Hive by Bill Wood

French Warre Plans:

    French Warre Plans- Roof
    French Warre Plans 1
    French Warre Plans- Box with Window1
    French Warre Plans-Box With Window
    French Warre Plans-Complete

Variants of Warre Hive:

    Stable-Climate Hive by Roger Delon
    Warre Hive – Johann Thur

Dr. Heaf FAQ on Warre:

    Warre Hive- Moveable Frams -Dr. Heaf-Translator

Langstroth Beehive Plans. When using only medium supers, 8 frame hives have about the same volume as a Warre Hive. If a quilt is used, it is very close to the Warre ideal, yet you are able to use standard equipment like medium frames.

    Plans for 10 frame Langstroth hive
    Plans for Frame Jig
    Plans for Bait Hive
    Plans for 5 Frame Nuc

Several good plans to build a top bar hive

    Plans for P. Chandler Top Bar Hive
    Top Bar Bee Hive Plans-Kenyan
    Top Bar Yemen

2 Responses to DIY Beehive Plans

  1. Jon Ferguson says:

    Do you guys have any plans for a hive consisting entirely of 8 frame mediums?

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